Temperatures in Casper will approach record highs on Tuesday and Wednesday according to the National Weather Service.

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On Tuesday, Casper is set to reach a daily record high of 97 degrees, beating out the previous record of 96 in 2018.

Casper's all time record high was on July 29 2006 at 104 degrees, based on records that date back to 1939.

Bill Murrell, a meteorologists with the National Weather Service, said it is going to be hotter sooner than they usually expect.

"Everything's pointing to a hot and dry summer. We typically don't see these kinds of temperatures until the middle of July, so this is unseasonably hot even though it's June. We wouldn't expect to see these kinds of temperatures until maybe July."

Murrell said that due to the high heat, people should avoid going outside during the afternoon if possible, and make sure to drink a lot of water, especially due to the dry heat, which doesn't cause people to sweat as much.

This is a similar pattern set to be seen across the southwest, with temperatures reaching over 100 in places like Salt Lake City, Utah and Billings, Montana.

In relation to the hot weather, the Bureau of Land Management in Wyoming recently announced they are implementing stage 1 fire restrictions across Johnson and Campbell counties starting June 15, due to "dry conditions and high fire danger".

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