It's no secret we're big fans of Chancey Williams. He took time out of his busy morning to visit with us about his brand new album 3rd Street which is out now.

Chancey shared with us that he's been on his ranch in Moorcroft, Wyoming during this quarantine, but is in Laramie this week for the release of his new album. Here's our full interview with Chancey Friday morning.

Chancey Williams: "I've been in Moorcroft on the ranch and then been in Laramie some too...the band and I just been trying to stay busy, work on new set lists, work on new songs...(to) be ready at the top of our game and come back swinging."

Chancey's new album 3rd Street is available today and he explained how the album came to be.

Chancey Williams: "We've been working on this album a couple of years...this album we've always tried to outdo the last album...Rodeo Cold Beer was really good for us. This one...had more time to spend with my producer Trent Willman and write more on it and kinda write some stuff we've never done before. We obviously have a lot of rodeo songs and some party songs which we've done forever. We put a couple love songs on there...some songs for the girls. Just tried to do a little different type songs."

When asked to name a favorite, he said it's like trying to pick your favorite child if you're a parent. He did mention "Let it Go" as one he likes a lot.

Chancey Williams: "There's a song on there called Let It Go that I wrote with Trent...that's a love song. It's a ballad. It's kinda the first one I've ever wrote that's emotional and like lovey. I don't usually write a lot of lovey songs, but I really like Let It Go because it turned out just like I wanted it."

The song "Meet Me in Montana" originally done by Marie Osmond and Dan Seals has never really been done since the original, but Chancey and Brooke did it on the new album and the harmonies are killer.

Chancey Williams 3rd Street is available today wherever you buy and/or listen to music and we completely recommend you check it out and see what all the fuss is about.

Courtesy of Chancey Williams
Courtesy of Chancey Williams
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