I love chicken wings and for a long time I had wanted to attempt making them in my air fryer, but I was afraid of messing them up.

Last week, I took to YouTube to see video recipes and success stories. I figured a little research couldn't hurt in my endeavor. I came across a couple of videos that helped me out a great deal.

The first was a video for lemon pepper wings, which boasts that they taste better than Wingstop. I used this first video as my base. I like how Whip It Up Jay used a very light coat of a flour/salt/pepper mixture to make his wings a little more crispy.

This second video by All Wings Everything, was for spicy garlic wings. I used this one more for the sauce.

It's worth noting that even after making my dry rub, I ate a few of the wings like that and they were delicious, but the sauce took them to another level.

I ended up subscribing to both channels (which I don't do very often), because they both had some pretty awesome tips and tricks. When all was said and done, I was able to combine the two recipes, along with a few secret ingredients of my own, to make what I'm now calling spicy garlic lemon pepper wings.

I love when the internet is used for good and it doesn't get much better than using it for cooking.

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