New York Mets Twitter featured “Ask Nimmo” a question and answer session featuring a Cheyenne hometown legend-Brandon Nimmo. None of the followers mentioned his hometown, but you still may enjoy the silly Q&A with the pride of Cheyenne East.

One follower asked for Nimmo's thoughts about Tim Tebow. Brandon doesn't show his faith as openly as Tebow, but after most good plays Nimmo likes to point straight upward. There was no reference to Tebow also being a MLB minor leaguer now. Brandon's words were few, but definitely showed his respect.

A few other highlights of the social media thread:

Why do u wear #9?  Nimmo: “It's what I wore in Savannah. I had success with it and also liked the single digit.'"

Favorite player of all time?  Nimmo: “Probably have to say Ken Griffey, Jr.”

Seems New York fans love to ask about a players favorite food. Brandon got a number of those "Hot Dog or Hamburger" kind of questions. Nimmo: "Cheeseburger."

Oh yeah, someone actually asked, “If you could be any fruit, what fruit would you be?” He answered, “I think I’d be a peach.”

Allll righty. Now back in the big leagues, Brandon was out for three weeks of July with a partially collapsed lung. He's now in a backup role for the Mets with a 2017 batting average of .265.

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