When you hear the name Chris Navarro the first thing that comes to mind for many of us is likely one of the many bronze statues that are prominently displayed across our hometown of Casper, Wyoming.

A T-Rex and a soaring Eagle, a saint and a Native American warrior can all be found around our town, immortalized as beautiful bronze statues.

A rodeo cowboy himself and a lover of Wyoming, Navarro is no stranger to art created specifically to share the life of the American Cowboy.

In his latest book "The Art of Rodeo" Navarro has collected over 600 images depicting life in the arena.

Along with pictures of his bronzes and some of his paper and ink drawings, the book includes photographs taken by Randy Wagner and original art by Brandon Bailey.

The book covers the stories and history of legendary figures of rodeo. Horses like Steamboat and Midnight as well as the stories of the cowboys that rode them...Jackson Sundown, Bill Picket, Freckles Brown, Larry Mahan, Lane Frost, and many others.

Art of The Rodeo

We are thankful that we were able to chat with Chris Navarro about his connection to both rodeo and the state of Wyoming.

Here is the full interview.

The price for "The Art of Rodeo" is $35. for a signed copy, plus 5 shipping for a total of $40.

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