It might surprise you to learn exactly how happy we are in Casper. If a new study is to be believed, we are in fact one of the least gloomy places in America. Who knew?

I can tell you who knows. It's Best Places. They just dropped this nifty map as a part of their "Gloomiest Places in America" study.

Best Places
Best Places

Look at how green we are. That is a good color when it comes to your life outlook. The only places happier are to our south in Utah and New Mexico? Yeah, I'm confused about that part, too.

How did Best Places decide we're so dang happy? They used 3 main criteria:

*Percentage of Cloud Cover
*Average Hours of Daylight
*Days with Precipitation

They obviously haven't seen our weather forecast lately. I will say that we generally have a lot of sunshine here, so maybe there's something to this.

As you face the day, remember this declares that you are so happy you nearly have sunshine bleeding out of your ears so smile a lot.

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