There's a new video that is real, but looks like something out of a dream. It's a beautiful cloud wave coming in over Colorado.

This was the description from the YouTube share:

This video was taken at 2018 Pikes Peak Hillclimb, sitting at Devils Playground at 13,000 feet of elevation. It was sunrise at 6 am above the clouds. I was with my wife. The cloud looked like a huge wave crashing into the mountain, especially when done with the time-lapse feature on my iPhone 8+. Romaine Dumas set the record for the fastest time ever up the mountain in under 8 minutes.

For reference, that means they captured this picture right about here:

Google Maps
Google Maps

Technically, this isn't a cloud wave since that's something else entirely to meteorologists. But, it is a wave of clouds and it does indeed look like a dream.

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