Leanne Morgan has never been to Wyoming, but is thrilled to be coming in for the Wyoming Women's Expo, October 5th and 6th.

I first heard Leanne on Blue Collar Radio and laughed and laughed at her stories of everyday life. Having never seen a picture of Leanne, I had a picture in mind of an older woman in a flowered dress, hair in curlers, horn rimmed glasses and a cigarette hanging out of her mouth, boy was i wrong! This lovely lady is a wife, a mother of three and has a deep Southern accent that feeds the perception of what she should look like.

Leanne didn't take the traditional road to standup comedy as a matter of fact it was more a happenstance than on purpose.As a stay at home mother of three, Leanne was looking for a way to get some grown up time without interfering with her children or her husband’s career. She turned to selling jewelry at in home parties. Word of her sense of humor and southern charm spread like wildfire and she was staying booked months in advance. She was so popular that local civic organizations would ask her to host and emcee various events. From here she was asked to entertain several local corporate events and a professional comedy career was born.

Leanne’s style of comedy combines her southern charm and hilarious story telling about her own life into an act that keeps them coming back for more. People are always accusing her of spying on them because she seems to be living the same life that they do. The fact that everyone can relate to her comedy has made her a hit even among the strangest of audiences.

Leanne has appeared as a finalist on Nick at Nite’s Funniest Mom and toured three years with the Southern Fried Chicks. She has appeared in comedy clubs, performing arts centers, and theatres all over the United States. She is currently under contract with Warner Brothers and ABC to develop a sitcom based on her comedy. And she is coming to Wyoming for her first time.

Here is a look at what you are in for Friday night!