Let's get this out of the way right from the start. No official space agencies have predicted a comet impact. Yet. But, there are famous predictions by Nostradamus that claims this is the year it will happen. The good news is Wyoming is more than ready IF this happens.

I cannot emphasize enough that I DO NOT believe any prediction from Nostradamus. His predictions for past events have been interesting, but his reliability is more than sketchy. That being said, it's only fair that I mention that Newsweek and many other national sites have shared the fact that Nostradamus thinks a comet and/or asteroid will impact Earth in 2021.

Do I think this will really happen? Nope. But, let's pretend that I do. Why do I believe that Wyoming is ready? Let's get to the science. Wikihow has an interesting article about how to survive a comet impact. Here are the main recommendations they make and why Wyoming is the place to be:

1. Move away from coastal areas - Breaking news: Wyoming isn't near any coasts. That could change if Nostradamus prediction about a major California earthquake comes true, but for now we're good.

2. Move into a bunker or fortified structure - Thanks to all of the abandoned missile silos in Wyoming, we can all have a big post-apocalypse party underground.

3. Buy weapons and ammo for survival after the impact - A quick reminder that Natrona County in Wyoming is the most heavily armed county in America. Asteroid or comet impact? We got this. (*sound of rifle cocking*)

Thanks to science, you can see that we have nothing to worry about in Wyoming even if there is a comet and/or asteroid impact. I'd like to also remind the Nostradamus freaks that the prediction for a zombie apocalypse in February of 2021 has already not happened.

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