There's a relatively new report making the rounds on Facebook today that shows Natrona County being one of the most heavily armed counties in America. Is it true? Based on what I've found, that's a big yep.

Several Facebook groups have had a graphic from a television station that shows Natrona County as the 4th most heavily armed county in America. Based on what I've found on Wide Open Spaces, this is indeed true.

The source of the TV graphic references City Data. That sounds about right as the Wide Open Spaces article also refers to their 2016 data based on the percentage of residents that keep firearms in their homes.

1. Stewart County, TN 64.0%
2. Fairbanks North Star Borough, AK - 59.1%
3. Nez Perce County, ID - 59.0%
4. Natrona County, WY - 56.9%

There you go. A whopping 56.9% of Natrona County residents with firearms in their homes. This data is 4 years old now, but is still recent enough to be relevant.

If you're a bad guy thinking about breaking into one of our local homes, you might want to assume two things. First. that's always a bad idea. Second, there's a good chance we're packing heat. you feel lucky?

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