ComTronix, a local company celebrating its 30th year, is hiring, so we popped in to learn a little more about their hiring philosophy and opportunities. Charlie Unangst, ComTronix's training manager, was happy to answer our questions.

ComTronix specializes in security solutions for home and business, including access control, business telephone systems, closed circuit TV surveillance, fire alarm systems, overhead paging and more.

Doc: What's the best thing about your job?

Charlie: The best thing about my job is just the people I work with and the customers we take care of. We have a long-standing reputation with all of our customers and we have a lot of employees with longevity here. We have one employee who has been with us for 26 years, and several with 23, 19.

Prairie Wife: That says a lot, when you have people who are here for that long. So now, if someone is interested in working here, what would you want them to know?

Charlie: I'd want them to know that we take care of our customers; we take pride in our workmanship and our craft. We work as a team. That's what we're trying to do here: build a great team.

Doc: I understand when you're looking for people, you take extra steps to ensure you're getting good, quality people.

Charlie: Yes, we do. We used to hire on skill level and we found sometimes that people with the skill level don't have the character, the integrity and the DNA that we'd like to see. We've created a little chart with our DNA of what we like to hire by, because we feel if you come with good character and integrity, we can train you on our systems.

Prairie Wife: During our tour, I saw this is a phenomenal facility - fresh, clean and updated. Hayley greeted us when we came in the front with a big smile and welcomed us. This would be a great environment to work in. I know you guys do drug testing, not only for new hires but for all your employees. Why is that?

Charlie: We want to make sure our employees are safe if we go into an environment where there's liability. We go into homes a lot. We want to make sure our workplace is drug free.

Doc: Tell us specifically what kind of technician you're looking for right now.

Charlie: We're looking for low-voltage technicians, so experience required. Experience is preferred; if you have that, we like it. But the first step is character and integrity; come motivated, inspired and ready to get learning.

We also had the pleasure of talking with Owner and President Bruce Kopperud, a Wyoming native who served in the Marines from 1976 to 1980. He looks fondly back on his service as a time of great personal growth and his company is always happy to consider hiring veterans.

Interested in applying to be a technician at ComTronix? All you need to do is stop in at either of their locations and fill out an application:

  • Casper: 800 W. Collins Dr.
  • Sheridan: 641 Broadway