We recently had the pleasure of discussing a pretty major milestone with Bruce Kopperud, president and owner of ComTronix. The company he started back in 1989 with Richard Fisher and Rob Dobler is thriving and celebrating 30 years of serving Wyoming residents.

We agree with Bruce that Wyoming residents like him and many of his employees can best serve the special needs of our area — and you can really trust a long-standing, locally owned company to have the community's best interests at heart.

ComTronix specializes in security solutions for home and business, including access control, business telephone systems, closed circuit TV surveillance, fire alarm systems, overhead paging and more. Bruce and his team have weathered the near constant changes in technology over the years.

"It's an on-going challenge to keep up with technology changes," he said. "We found that we typically don't want to jump too soon into a new technology but not too late as well. We spend a lot of time looking at technology and things we feel we can bring to the table for our customers."

Wise words for a company that has grown with the times. Be sure to watch the video to hear all his insights on how the business has grown and continues to grow.

And congrats on 30 great years. We're excited to see what you accomplish in the next 30 years!