There are certain things you buy where it's OK if it doesn't work. Bear spray isn't one of them. Costco has just announced a recall of bear spray that has failed to deploy in tests.

Costco announced this recall in a press release regarding UDAP Safety Orange Bear Spray:

Costco records indicate that you may have purchased UDAP Safety Orange Bear Spray, Item # 1169379 between March 19, 2020 and August 6, 2020.

UDAP Industries Inc. has received two complaints where the canister failed to deploy when test fired.
Please check your canister(s) for the following lot codes: P1709, P1804, P1805, P1806, P1807, or P1817

Here's what Costco says you need to do if you believe you have one of the faulty bear spray canisters:

If you have any issues or concerns after test firing your bear sprays, please contact UDAP Industries directly at (866) 232-7911 or email us at

Check those labels if you bought this brand of bear spray from Costco between March and August. Better safe than sorry.

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