A couple learned the hard way why you don't go around closed highway signs. They shared a video of what they encountered when they tried to cross Wyoming the hard way.

Erin Hoover described the situation they were facing on Vimeo:

We'd been stuck in Bozeman for an extra day because I-90 was closed through Montana and Wyoming. The 2nd day we decided to drive home to Colorado even though the highway was closed. We went very slow, to say the least! I don't recommend it.

She then dropped this video of what the road looked like as they tried to make their trip.

Don't Go Around Closed Highway Gates - Yikes!! from ERIN HOOVER on Vimeo.

I have to confess that when I have run up against a closed highway it normally involved a lot of snow and/or wind. In this case, it was a relatively sunny day, but as you can see in the video driving conditions were still very iffy. Fortunately, this couple had a happy ending. It doesn't always end up that way.

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