First, let me say that it wasn't nearly as difficult as jumping into icy-cold water in February. Still, it was a challenge!  My better half talked me into getting up early last Saturday to assist our friends at Special Olympics.

Saturday, June 2nd was a gorgeous morning in Casper. I wasn't happy initially. I mean, who really wants to be roused from wonderful slumber at 7:30 a.m. on a Saturday? Oh, I crazy runners do!

So, we all got together that morning at the Casper Whitewater Park and participated in a little 5K action. Technically it was supposed to be a run, but since Honey and I are trying to quit, and we still paid our entry fee - they allowed us to just walk really fast. Thank you Special Olympics!

Like I said, it was a beautiful day with a great turnout. The parkway looked fantastic. And, as far as walkers go (we weren't the only ones), we fared pretty well.  It was an amazing feeling!  It was so nice to enjoy the coolest part of the day by getting some exhilarating exercise, and contributing to a great cause. 

And I did I mention I didn't have to set foot in icy water?

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