There's a brand new Longmire book called "Land of Wolves". Author Craig Johnson visited with us about the new adventures of Walt Longmire and the possibility that we'll get a Longmire movie someday.

Craig Johnson - "Well, the title says a lot of it...Walt's just gotten back from Depth of Winter, last year's book...which is probably one of the most harrowing books like that I've written in the 15 book series...He gets back into Wyoming and it's kind of like a stranger in a strange land...he doesn't really feel at home back home where he was born, where he grew up, where he's had his entire career and everything."

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Craig also spoke of the challenge of being an author who's books have been turned into a television series.

Craig Johnson - "Well, it was pretty easy for me. I kinda went into it with my eyes open. I realized that there were some changes they were gonna make. One of the first altercations I had with the producers of the TV show was they said 'We're thinking about making Walt and Henry about 10 years younger than they are in the book'. I had the immediate redneck cowboy response of 'Well now, WHY are we gonna do that?'. They said because we'd really like the TV series to go for 10 years and we'd rather not have Walt and Henry on walkers by the time we're through...they were also incredibly interested in making sure they got things right."

We asked Craig about the rumors that there is a Longmire movie in the works.

Craig Johnson - "We're just waiting to see what's gonna happen. I mean probably what it would be would be TV movies like that...all of these people back with the kind of schedules they get them together to do TV movies is a lot more of a reality...much more of a possibility".

We have great hope that we'll see more Longmire in the future based on something Craig said.

Craig Johnson - "This may not be the end of the Wyoming sheriff".

The new Longmire book "Land of Wolves" is available September 17 and we can't wait. For us, more Longmire is always a good thing. You can thank Craig yourself by stopping by his book signing at the Casper Library on Tuesday from 12:30 to 1:30 pm.

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