All of us who live in Wyoming know how awesome this state is. Sometimes the rest of the country disrespects the state because it is the least populous state in the union, but that is one of the reasons why it is great. People that work at the DMV are nice. The lakes are not overfished. There is plenty of good parking. The Urban Dictionary has its own unique way of defining anything … and Wyoming is no different. Here are some of the ways Wyoming is defined. People on the internet have too much time on their hands ... Oh, look another cat video!


The state with the lowest population. Home to towering mountains and spacious plains. Populated pre-Columbus by the Shoshone, Crow, and Lakota Indians. Currently populated with cowboys, roughneck oilfield workers, Indians, and generally nice people who love the outdoors, and hate the way the rest of America lives. 90 percent of said population could probably kick your ass in half. By the by, not a favorite place for homosexuals (remember Matt Shepard?). Yes, everyone in Wyoming has a gun, and really wants to shoot something.

– GetoutofLaramie on


Possibly the most ignored unpopulated state in America.

– Alica on


A place where one car on the road is a "normal day", two cars on the road is "there's some traffic out there", three cars on the road is "it's pretty busy on the road", and four cars on the road is "rush hour."

–IwonderwhatIputthere on


Supposedly a state in the United States. In reality, wyoming does not exist. Nobody has ever met anybody from wyoming. It is a vast government conspiracy. If you think you are driving through wyoming, you are really unconscious in a secret government facility where scientists are implanting false memory engrams into your mind. This knowledge is commonly introduced to high school freshmen.

– amckenzie on


The state with the lowest population which will eventually kill us all when Yellowstone erupts.

– Tegabater on


State in the western USA where Coloradans go to buy fireworks that are illegal in Colorado and fugitives go to hide.

- Bella_x on


A midwestern state that contains more cattle and sheep than people. It is very windy, therefor it has very little shrubbery. The plane flight into Casper, WY is called 'the vomit comet' because there is so much turbulence.

There are some very beautiful places in Wyoming such as Yellowstone National Park. You can buy almost any kind of fireworks there, and if there is a speed limit, its barely enforced.
Since there is less than half a million people there are very few cities. The few main ones being Cheyenne, Casper, and Powell. Wyoming is one of the few states still inhabited by 'real' cowboys who catch rattlesnakes and ride horses around in tight pants.

Over all, because Wyoming has very few people and even less reasons to visit, it is seen as a boring, barren, uninteresting land. This is untrue.

– Dahlia on


A cult. This is evident whenever you go into the post office, Safeway, etc. and 90% of people are wearing shirts, hats and jackets saying "Wyoming." Everyone in Wyoming wears only Wyoming clothing and no one in any other state ever wears a "Wyoming" anything

- uytur on



The coolest state ever, where people can walk to stores and other places without being kid napped.

People don't care what music you listen to but the most commonly listened to is rap, hip hop, Heavy metal, and country.

– Wyoming Gurl on


where vegetarian really means "Bad Hunter"

– Lonewolfe1337 on

It is a Lakota word meaning "Dang, it's sure is windy!"

– Larry Farr on

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