There are some pretty amazing opportunities in Wyoming.

Touring Yellowstone, attending dinosaur digs, and hiking and skiing some on some of the most beautiful mountains in the world come to mind.

But, did you know about Laramie's Infrared Observatory Telescope Tour?

The University of Wyoming’s 2.3-meter telescope is located at the Wyoming Infrared Observatory about 25 miles southwest of Laramie, WY on the summit of Jelm Mountain (9656 ft).

And, now you can schedule a tour and go up and check it out.

Am I the only one that thinks that riding in the snowcat looks just as much fun as the actual tour?

If you're wondering why this world-class observatory is on top of a lonely mountain in Laramie, Wyoming there are several reasons why this spot is perfect for stargazing.

First, there was a pre-existing road and access to electricity because Jelm was formally used by the US Forest Service.

Then of course you have stargazing benefits that many of us in Wyoming don't think the dryness of the air, a dark night sky, and low turbulence in the air above the mountain.

If you're a hard-core stargazer feel free to also book a tour of the University of Wyoming's Planetarium while you're in town.

The video below offers another look at the Infrared Observatory.

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