I don't know why this was a surprise to me...

After all, I've lived in Wyoming for over 20 years and seen my fair share of snakes.

But, I have yet to see a snake in a tree.

Most of the time I come across them out on the prairie by our house, slithering down our dirt road, smushed on the two-lane, or occasionally sunning themselves on the sidewalk as I run on the Platte River Trail.

So, when I saw a video of a snake climbing down a tree on my friend Tanya's Facebook page you better believe I reached out to her and asked ALL the questions.

It turns out that this is not the first time that this has happened.

Last year they watched a snake slide crawl slink slither up a tree with the intention of snacking on the birds that were nesting in the branches. She said that the birds were going crazy (can you blame them?) and their unusual behavior is what alerted them to the snake.

Tanya said the snake successfully captured a bird that time.

In this video, the snake is sliding down the tree.

Tanya assumed that it was on the hunt for another feathery snack but as far as they know this time the snake wasn't successful.

Looking at the video I don't see any lumps or bumps on the snake that would imply that it had just eaten, so I think Tanya is correct.

Tanya left the snake alone and allowed it to go on its merry way after it finished its trek down the tree.

She recognized that it was a Bull Snake, which means it didn't pose any threat to her, her family, or her pets.


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