Dierks Bentley is the proud papa of three adorable kids; he and wife Cassidy have officially been outnumbered since the birth of their son Knox this past fall. Two, sure, that the singer could handle -- but three? Bentley knows his limits and admits that watching all three tots solo is just ... not safe.

The 'Drunk on a Plane' hitmaker tells 95.3 WIKI that with three kids, he's more than a little tired these days. "It's a whole different level of reserves these days you just dive into," Bentley shares. "It's awesome ... kids and their lack of self-consciousness, they're so fun to be around."

However, everyone knows cute and fun kids can also become overwhelming in a matter of seconds. And Bentley especially knows this to be true. He admits that when his wife tries to leave the house (and leave the kids at home with him), he gets a little worried.

"My wife is like, 'Yeah I might step out and go do something real quick. You cool?'" the singer explains hilariously. "I was like, 'With three? No. I'm not, I mean, it's not safe! No! You can't go anywhere.' Definitely requires all hands on deck."

The evidence is there -- even country music superstars will shake in their cowboy boots at the prospect of being outnumbered 3:1 by kids.

Now that Bentley is out on the road on his 2014 Riser Tour with special guests Jon Pardi, Chase Rise and Chris Young, he can breathe a little easier knowing if his wife decides she needs a break, at least he'll have a lot of reinforcement to hold a baby or break up a tantrum!

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