If you follow the NFL in general, maybe you’ve heard San Diego Charger’s quarterback Phillip Rivers called Von Miller already one of the best defenders to ever play. Would Wyoming’s NFL fans agree?

Von has historically given Phillip fits, but only for six seasons. As division rivals, though, that is 12 games. To Rivers, that may feel like a dozen years, but for successful linebackers, that’s not even half of a career.

Still, does Phillip have a case, even if he didn’t still personally feel hits from Von? For a big game changer, we only need to mention Super Bowl 50, and compared to the greats of our time, Von’s stats provided by The Score really are on pace to be as good as any defenders we’ll never forget.

I’ll be honest about how personally torn I am. I wound just like to point out that “best ever” goes back much earlier.. We remember the greats of “The Fearsome Foursome,” “The Purple People Eaters,”  “The Steel Curtain,” and “The Doomsday Defense.” As much as I love Von Miller – more so every year – has he already earned a place in history dating back before “The Legion of Boom”?

I have just one more “but” to further confuse us. I still can’t get over how dominating one defender was in a Super Bowl. Afterward, all I could say was, “I always like to say there were 10 other guys on the field. On the other hand, if there could be such a thing as one player taking over a game, Von Miller versus the Carolina Panthers was the nearest thing I have ever seen to that.”

What do you say - is Von Miller already one of the best ever?

Yes … 0 Percent  (Can you believe there was not one yes vote?)

“No, too early, but if he’s as good for 2-3 more years, yes.” … 46.15 Percent

“No, we have to wait for his stats from the whole career.” … 23.08 Percent

“If he dominates another Super Bowl like that, I'm convinced yes.  … 30.77 Percent