It's going to happen, you know it is. Winter will roar it's ugly head before you know it.

Snow is going to fly and pile up. Reminders are given to us every year about how much snow we could see.

The National Weather Service out of Riverton, has just released our annual 'here's how much snow could fall' list.

  • The winner every year is Moose, Wyoming. With an average of 165.9"
  • Lander is in 2nd with 87.6"
  • Jackson 3rd 78.2"
  • Pinedale 4th 76.1"
  • Casper rounds out the top 5 locations with 71.8"

Next on the list is Dubois with 55.3". It's crazy how much the state varies, but you can certainly tell that mountains play a major role.

Over the last couple years, you've heard the name La Niña. The La Niña messes with weather patterns all over the world. There have been a recorded 24 La Niña since 1950.

According to the National Weather Service,

La Nina episodes in the winter months feature a wave-like jet stream flow across the United States and Canada, which causes colder and stormier than average conditions across the North, and warmer and less stormier conditions across the south. says that there is a 91% chance we're going to have our 3rd consecutive La Niña. Emily Becker, University of Miami/CIMAS, is a scientist that writes in an article at that there's a 56% chance La Niña will go neutral from from February to April.

If you're not a scientist and try to read these scientist articles, your head may explode.

The information we're getting from is that there's a pretty good chance we're going to have snow here in Wyoming this winter. We're too far out to predict how much or how little we have a potential of getting.

The Farmers Almanac is predicting we could have some good snow by Christmas and record breaking cold. Reviewing last years predictions by the almanac, they were pretty close to right on for us.

Makes you wonder how they do that and have been doing that since 1792, when technology was still many years off.

Take a look at the predictions from the Almanac for October. So far they're right on.

Farmers Almanac October Predictions

Here's a look ahead to what their predictions are for November

Farmers Almanac November Predictions

They speak of snowy patterns coming, could this be correct? Could be see a mid November snowstorm?

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