2023 will go down as one of the snowiest record breaking years on the books for Casper, Wyoming. As far as snowstorms are concerned, this storm has crushed the record books.

Snowstorm totals

The amounts of snow that have fallen from April 3 - April 5th are impressive. Especially for an area that has only been over 100 inches for the year, 3 times since 1985. The National Weather Service out of Riverton has released their official snow total amount, and it's impressive.

Casper Mountain saw totals between 40-60 inches, depending on the location.

Casper Airport saw 37.4 inches

Casper saw between 25-40 inches.

Numbers like that may be seen in other places around the state, but to see them here in our own backyards, is wild.

Many people have been hunkered down in their homes, and some still are and may be for a while, for multiple days in a row. Close family time has been mandatory and it doesn't matter what it takes, they're getting out of the house...no matter what it takes.

So where do we stand currently in the line of snowiest years?

According to NWS Riverton, we're at the 3rd snowiest year mark, since records began being kept in the 1930's. 132.7 inches is the total, at this point. I say at this point, because forecasters are predicting there may be another bout of the white stuff coming before summer gets here. Also, we're not even to late fall and winter, which will surely result in additional snow.

snowiest winter 1

Sitting at #3 on the list of 'Snowiest Years on Record', with 1982 being the snowiest

1982 comes in at #1 with 137.6 inches

1975 had 123.9 inches

GOAT Snowstorm in Casper - April 3-4, 2023.

Unsung Local Heroes Of The Snowmageddon 2023

This winter in Casper has been brutal, and this last snowstorm kicked our butt. With all the struggles, the town moves forward thanks to the unsung heroes. These people, from snow plow drivers to teachers, EMTs, and truck drivers, need some praise.

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