It's a year for the books as far as weather in the Casper area.

On Monday April 3, 2023, the National Weather Service out of Riverton reports, 26.7 inches of snow fell in Casper, breaking the record 24.3" that was set December 24th, 1982.

Up until this current storm, Casper already had received 62.2 inches. With the additional 26.7 and whatever total amount we get today, we're on track for Casper to have the snowiest year ever. Already at 88.9 before adding in totals for April 4th.

The current annual record amount of snow in Casper is 137 inches in 1982, which happens to be part of the same year the 24.3 fell.

The current record for the all-time biggest snowstorm was ALSO in 1982, 31.3"...just by judging the numbers so far, that record will be broken too.

It was just a couple years after the huge snow year of 1982, that Casper went on a snow drought. Between 1985 and 2022, there were only 3 years with over 100 inches of snow in Casper.

Who knows what the future holds for winter weather, but we can all know that in 2023, we were here when snow total records were broken.

This storm has had a major impact on travel, businesses and schools, that many roads,  businesses and schools are closed for the day.

You can follow along with our growing list of closings and if your business isn't on the list, and you're closing, be sure to let us know. Email us HERE.

Here is our CLOSED business/school list.

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