Have you ever stopped to put on sunscreen only to get burnt to a crisp?  Maybe your sunscreen expired??

Warmer temps mean more and more people will head outdoors for activities throughout the summer.  Be sure to wear sensible clothing, take along bug spray and make sure your sunscreen hasn't expired.

Just last weekend, I was out on the boat and put on my usual covering of sunscreen but I still got burnt.  This was the same routine I have gone through and hundreds of occasions, but what changed this time?

Only after I left the water and felt the heat of my sunburn did I realize my error.  I was low on sunscreen on the boat and saw a bottle next to my camping gear in my garage and grabbed it to use.  What I should have done was check the expiration date first!

The sunscreen was several years old and three years past it's expiration date.

Most all sunscreens expire within 3 years.  I knew this, but forgot to check.  According to YouBeauty.com, you can still use expired sunscreen up to 6 months after it's expiration but you do so at your own risk.

That sunscreen is a combination of oils and chemicals that are combined to help protect your skin from the Sun's harmful rays.  But like most everything on this earth, those chemicals breakdown over time and if not stored properly.  If you squeeze some out and it starts to separate in your hands or if it smells funny, be safe and throw it away.

Be sure to check your sunscreen expiration date and the products consistency before heading out for long periods in the sun!

Here's to hoping you have a great summer, protected from the Sun!


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