Okay, for the record...my girlfriend loves Martinis.  I, on the other hand, having such exquisite tastes, that I almost always order "domestic;" think they taste like gasoline.  "No offense," as Rodney Dangerfield(R.I.P) used to say. 

And I "try" to like them.  Took a sip of a "chocolate/caramel" thingy" that I could almost tolerate without going "whauhua!"(I think you know the sound I'm trying to make.)

So now I'm wondering what she...and I,(I'll admit I'm curious) will think of the Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Martini. Please don't attempt to adjust your website; you read right!

It's a concoction by crack Australian bartender, Shawn Soole, and available at Clive's Classic Lounge in Victoria, British Colombia.  Yes, Victoria is not just famous for its oyster bars, anymore.

The bartender utilizes his own "grilled cheese rum," (whauhua!) a batch of "dark, viscous Mt. Gay washed overnight with a real-live grilled cheese sandwich."

I'm sure the cheese makes all the difference.  You can read the full story, here.  Until this wonderful new potable(?) makes its way to Wyoming, I think I'll just settle for "domestic."

How 'bout you?