When I think of DNA testing I immediately think of CSI.

Tiny shreds of skin found under fingernails used to catch a killer...

It turns out that DNA can also be used to catch lazy dog owners who haven't been picking up after their pets.

In a recent letter to its residents, The Ridge at Blackmore Apartments stated that they will be using the services of MrDogPoop.com to determine what residents are not cleaning up after their pets.

The letter stated that dog poop "is a health hazard and public safety issue" and guilty residents can receive a $300 fine or be evicted.

Local TV reporter Sloan Dickey explains how the process works and talked to Casper locals to find out what they think.

I agree with Jaedyn Anderson, if you're doing what you're supposed to (picking up your dog's poop) you have nothing to worry about!

As someone who has come across my fair share of dog poop left on sidewalks and trails across the city of Casper, I find myself wondering if there is a way to make this work on a larger scale?

Is this a genius idea, or just downright creepy and invasive?

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