I'd like to thank our very own Trisha Berry for scooping me on this fantastic story that I worked an hour on, just so I could be beaten to the punch.  As you've probably realized, communication isn't the greatest around here, even though that's supposedly our business.  Still, I see no reason to let all of my efforts go to waste.  Do you?  That said, you now have two virtually identical stories to choose from, except that mine has no annoying video.  Call it déjà vu, and enjoy!  You know I love ya, Trisha.

The Celebrity Apprentice will be back for another round of tough tasks, infighting, backstabbing, and boardroom meetings where "someone will be fired," February 12th on NBC.

Strangely enough, Country fans have become quite attentive of the show since Donald Trump came to the realization that our musicians are some of the smartest people out there.  I mean, c'mon!  Clint Black survived a long time.  Trace Adkins narrowly got beaten out by Piers Morgan for the job.  And John Rich is currently the reigning CA.  So, I'm assuming you'll be reading this article and maybe tuning in to see who takes it in 2012.

While there are some very colorful candidates this season, we are missing the big Country Kahuna this time around.  That is, unless you find Clay Aiken worthy of that title.  He was Country for a little while, I think.  At least he was packaged that way when he came in second on the second season of American Idol. 

Here's who else we can look forward to watching this season:

Lou "Original TV Hulk" Ferrigno            Penn "Of Penn & Teller" Jillette

Dee "Twisted Sister" Snider                George "Mr. Sulu" Takei 

Cheryl "My High School love" Tiegs      Lisa "Comedy Central" Lampanelli

Michael "Zoom Zoom" Andretti             Adam "The Man Show" Carolla  

Debbie "I'm Not Tiffany!" Gibson          Victoria "Mob Moll" Gotti

Paul "American Chopper" Teutul, Sr.    Tia "Wayne's World" Carrere

Patricia "Supermodel" Velásquez         Arsenio " I Need A Job" Hall

Aubrey "Danity Kane (what?) " O'Day  Teresa "Real Housewife" Guidice

Dayana "Miss Universe" Mendoza        Clay "I've Done Broadway" Aiken

It looks to be a rip-roarin', tears-a-fallin' good time!  Of course, the Donald and his kin, Ivanka and Don Jr.  will be back to assess the tasks and add some youth to Dad's side of the table.

I'm in!  How 'bout you?