The world does need more cowboys. That's the moniker of the University of Wyoming and one of their alumni who lives that motto is now the director of bands in Douglas. His name is Tim Painter and he's featured in a brand new video by the university.

Check out Tim's story which was just shared on YouTube a few days ago.

Tim graduated from University of Wyoming with a Bachelor’s in Music Education in 2015. The fact that he is the Director of Bands at Douglas High School is admirable, but it's especially inspiring that he's also a member of the Wyoming Army National Guard.

The University of Wyoming has also been vital to Tim's family. According to the video description, he met his wife during the first day of classes at UW. He shared that they have a son together now who was born shortly after Tim completed basic training with the National Guard.

The video also tells Tim's story of how he's had to adapt to the pandemic this year.

I had to figure out how I could give the best education I could give in a totally different way, but I also had to exude that confidence. I had to reassure them...let them know it was OK...I had to let myself know it was OK. We had to be strong for each other.

It's stories like Tim's that the university loves to tell. He credits the University of Wyoming with the integrity that he values and strives to display.

Yes, the world does need more cowboys like Tim.

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