I predict that you will love this as much as a Wyoming person can possibly love something. A Douglas woman has shared a story that was passed down to her from her grandmother about how the jackalope is real.

Renee Patzek shared this wonderful story this week on YouTube. Grab some popcorn, hit play and enjoy.

Renee said that her Uncle Bill still lives in Douglas in a two-room cabin. He's an avid hunter and she claims that he has a Jackalope mounted on his wall. The antlers spanned a foot. I think my favorite part of Renee's video is how she describes the female jackalope's milk having medicinal characteristics. That's classic. Now, I must find video of someone milking a jackalope. That is now a bucket list item.

There is a reason why the Wyoming legislature has considered making the jackalope the state's official mythological creature. The jackalope WIkipedia page has all those juicy details.

My side is still hurting after listening to these stories. As a Wyomingite, it just doesn't get much better than this.

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