Wyoming State Fair week is a busy one for many families. Kids showing their animals, riding the carnival rides, watching the rodeo, seeing concerts and watching the destruction of the demolition derby.

If you're looking for a little time away from the fairgrounds, but are looking for action, you can checkout drag racing during the morning on Saturday, Aug.20. Central Wyoming Motorsports presents drag racing at Douglas Motorsports Park.

If you've never seen drag racing, there's a good chance it will blow your mind.

Two vehicles line-up next to each other to get into position for the race.

Drag Racing pre staging
Spinolio via YouTube

The intensity keeps building until the Christmas Tree of lights start the race.

Drag Racing Lights
Spinolio via YouTube

The vehicles drive so fast down the track that you think they're going to liftoff like an airplane.

Drag Racing car
Spinolio via YouTube

Drag racing takes a special kind of person to get behind the wheel of the vehicle and control these missiles as they rocket down the track.

You may've noticed the term 'vehicle' has been used a couple times, that's because drag racing isn't limited to just cars. Trucks, vans, motorcycles, jeeps, top fuel funny cars and even semi trucks have all been used in drag racing. The obvious, but must be stated, statement is that not all of these vehicles are like the ones you drive to work everyday.

Part of the excitement for many of the participants is building and perfecting the drag racing vehicle. I've known racers that have worked for years to get their car into tip-top shape to take to the track. It's not a cheap hobby, but when you have a solid run, the hard work, blood, sweat and tears is worth every dime you spend.

Just because you haven't spent lots of money and time building a drag racer, that doesn't mean you can't participate. There are 'street class' options too. This class is for people that feel their street legal car is fast and your really want to see HOW fast.

I'm telling you, if you haven't gone drag racing, you are missing out. The racing happens with Central Wyoming Motorsports once a month from May to September. This month it's August 20th. Like I said earlier, it's State Fair week, but the gates open for racing at 7am and will be wrapped up before the demo derby starts at the fairgrounds that evening.

A full day of power, speed and excitement will be yours and for a reasonable price. Check out the flyer for all the details.

Drag Racing flyer
Central Wyoming Motorsports Facebook

Here are a couple videos for you to check out. The First one is action that happened during the July racing in Douglas. The 2nd video, gives you a little better understanding of how the race begins with staging and the Christmas Tree light system.

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