Usually when we say something is "breathtaking" we don't REALLY mean it.

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But, in the case of Anthony Stengel's recent video, we were actually holding our breath as we watched it.

Stengel took his mad drone skills up to Cody, Wyoming where he filmed his drone sweeping up and down the canyon walls around the Buffalo Bill Dam.

He even flew right over the dam itself and then came dangerously close to the walls of the canyon again before launching the drone back up into the open air over the reservoir again.

As someone who is afraid of heights this video was insane to watch, I can't imagine what it was like for him to film it.

Stengel actually chatted with a friend on his personal page about what it was like to film this while wearing the FPV goggles he uses to help him film.

Dude for real it feels like actual flying. It can get kinda intense and oftentimes my hands are shaking after a flight.

I know my heart rate was up watching it...I don't blame Stengal a bit for feeling slightly tense as he filmed it.

Stengel also mentioned in the comments that he plans to go back up and do some more filming in that area.

We can't wait to see how it turns out, and will definitely be sharing it with you after he posts it.


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