Dustin Lynch says when he moved to Nashville, he didn’t really have anyone eager to tell him what to do, and what not to do as a plucky young country singer. That doesn’t mean he’s not open to learning. Luke Bryan recently joined a list of superstars who the “Hell of a Night” singer has gone to school on.

As Lynch prepares to kick off his Hell of a Night Tour this fall, he’ll recall how well Bryan connected with the audience during the Kick the Dust Up Tour. “It really goes to how goofy he is, and how light-hearted he is,” Lynch says. “He makes the girls swoon and the guys laugh all the time.”

Too often, the 30-year-old tells Taste of Country, an artist takes him or herself too seriously on stage. With that in mind, he’s working on being more playful, and more in the moment. That’s what he’ll preach to a group of artists he’s starting to mentor. Lynch shared that on his days off he gets lunch or works in a hands-on capacity with Nashville newcomers.

“I didn’t have that person,” he says. “So I’ve been in those shoes.”

“Knowing what you should not do is huge in this town.”

Tyler Rich, who along with Chris Lane will open the Hell of a Night Tour, is one of Lynch’s first artists. The “Where it’s At” hit maker lit up while talking about the California kid’s talents. He’s pretty excited about Lane as well. The two have been sharing a bill together for years, long before Lynch signed with Broken Bow Records.

Bryan’s Kick the Dust Up Tour rolls into October, giving Lynch plenty more chances to learn from the multi-time Entertainer of the Year. He may even get a chance to go fly-fishing with the Georgian again, although it didn’t go well last time.

“I think Luke jinxed us,” he says of a trip taken earlier this summer, “because he goes ‘Man I’m taking you to the best fishing hole in America.’”

They came back empty-handed, “and guess what. He hasn’t invited me fishing again!”

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