What do Wyoming families do when they're about to go through a blast of winter weather? If you're this family in Evanston, Wyoming, you punk the cat with a fake snake just to see what will happen.

This special Wyoming family/cat moment was shared with the following commentary:

A few nights previous, Rubeus was attacking my son's toy snake that he left on the floor in the kitchen. Then when we were relaxing and watching TV (as we do most nights) I decided to see what my cat would do if the toy were to be next to him. He ended up jumping so fast that I barely caught him on camera. Afterward, he did lay back down and slept at my feet all night. He did not get revenge and still loves me.

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I've been around enough cats that I seriously question that last line. A cat may not appear that it's not taking revenge, but probably is plotting it while you sleep. It probably still loves you though. Here's what the cat owner shared:

All's fair in love and war...and cats I suppose. I've had a few cats as family in my life. If it were me, I wouldn't go out of my way to try and scare them. Not trying to be a joy killer, but you're probably not gonna win pet owner of the year awards with this kind of behavior.

Oh, and when this cat does eventually take out his revenge, I hope he has his phone camera rolling like this owner did.

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