Last Friday, Beth Gresham noticed something very troubling in her Memphis neighborhood. A puppy who had somehow gotten her head stuck in a plastic container.

Being an animal lover, Gresham knew how vulnerable the pup was without any ability to eat or defend herself. So she tried her best to grab the dog and free its head. However, the pooch was too scared and ran away into the woods.

But Gresham was able to snap a photo of the helpless dog, and she posted the picture on her Facebook page. Then she tagged all of her friends in the animal rescue community who, before long, were combing the wooded area the dog had fled to.

By Saturday, they found the small white dog with black spots, who has been named “Miracle,” and removed the plastic container. As a bonus, they also came upon another struggling stray dog during their search. Both are expected to be placed in homes. See a more happy picture of Miracle below.