We both have large families with children of a variety of ages, so as you can imagine, sometimes the logistics of a family vacation are a little ... involved.

Doc took his family to Yellowstone a few years ago, and his kids started complaining about 5 miles out of town about the family vehicle's cramped quarters. Meanwhile, Cathy knows camping can be an affordable option, but her husband doesn't believe in tents.

A rental RV from Sonny's RVs is the perfect solution. They offer KZ travel trailers and Jayco Class C motorhomes in an assortment of sizes. You can even take them out-of-state! They're perfect for Mount Rushmore, Colorado, South Dakota, Montana or a neighboring state.

Last week, we brought Cathy's kids along for a motorhome test drive and saw tons of smiles.

Ian Delap/Townsquare Media

Both Doc and Cathy were impressed with the cooking and sleeping areas:

Ian Delap/Townsquare Media

As a dad, Doc thought the motorhome looked like a very nimble vehicle to drive, so it would be easy to move from place to place on a Yellowstone-type of trip. The captain’s chairs were real comfortable, too.

Ian Delap/Townsquare Media

Cathy loved the awning that created a shaded seating when the RV is parked — or a perfect place to put a pack and play for an infant so they can be outside getting fresh air.

Already planning your next family getaway? Call Sonny's RV at 877-893-4198 or reserve a travel trailer or motorhome online here.