Without goals and dreams, why would we get up, put our boots on and continue on our journey?

Some kids dream to be a Firefighter, Police Officer, Marine, Baker, Designer, or Contractor, and some dream to play music for a living. Ian Munsick is living his dream of being a country music singer.

Music is the driving force of the Munsick family. Ian, his dad David and brothers Tris & Sam, have been making music all their lives. Whether it's on their own or when they get together, it's in their blood.

Making music for isn't easy work and when you do it for a living, it's even more tough. You don't just get to go on stage, sing a few songs and get a paycheck. There's lots that goes on behind the scenes that may cause you to want to give up on the dream. Frustrations, closed doors, and being told no, are part of it, but if you keep your eye on the prize and use your Wyoming strong upbringing, anything is possible.

Just ask Ian.

For an artist, putting out new music is something that's been in the works for a long time, sometimes years, but the end result is worth it. Songwriting, song picking, studio recording time, mixing, meetings, press, public appearances and stress, all lead up to the big day.

When you out out music, you get to share your feelings, talents and passion with everyone. To an artist, songs are like your buffalo calf, you shape, nurture and care for them until they're released into the wild.

Ian Munsick's new album 'White Buffalo' is now being released into the wild and is available to everyone.

To kick off the album release, he did a live show at Blake Shelton's 'Ole Red' on Broadway in Nashville. For 45 minutes, Ian highlighted the songs from 'White Buffalo' to a crowd of country music fans.

With the new album, comes opportunity to release new songs and videos to country music fans. Take a look at some of the awesome 'Wyoming' influenced music from 'White Buffalo' and support Ian by buying the music.

Congratulations on the new music and making Wyoming proud, Ian.

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An audience of 1 is not enough.

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