This will not exactly be breaking news for Wyoming, but we have a lot more winter weather ahead. Farmer's Almanac is saying that we have A LOT more winter weather ahead including 7 major snowstorms.

The story on Country Living caught my eye when it declared that there are 7 major snowstorms headed our way. They referenced the Farmer's Almanac forecast which included this tasty map. Notice we're under the big white "Parade of Snowstorms" part.

Farmer's Almanac
Farmer's Almanac

If you check out their press release, you'll notice this special little mention of what that means:

The 2020 Old Farmer’s Almanac is calling for frequent snow events—from flurries to no fewer than seven big snowstorms, including two in April for the Intermountain
region west of the Rockies.

You know you live in Wyoming when you read something like this and think..."Wow. That sounds pretty good."

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