With dozens of fast food companies competing for our meal dollars each day.  We are taking to the streets to find out what the public wants to know - are these new foods worth while?  Or are our favorites still better that these new offerings?

We tried the nacho fries last week when they were first introduced and in fairness we thought they were a good change of pace. But the nacho cheese with fried potatoes as a side dish is far from a new idea.  Even though the Taco Bell Nacho Fries are a nice change from the ordinary, we want to know how they stack up against the Taco John's Potato Ole's.

We offered several members of our staff an opportunity to taste them both side by side.

Now - how do the new Taco Bell Nacho Fries stack up against a Wyoming favorite, the Taco John's Potato Ole's?

Watch the video above as members of our staff members try both and render one as the victor in our first Fast Food Shootout.

Then we invite you to take your own taste test and tell us which of the pair that you prefer.

Stay tuned - we'll have more Fast Food Shootouts coming soon!

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