For 40 years, North Casper and Taco John's have had a great relationship, but all good things come to an end...FOR NOW.

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The F Street Taco John's in Casper has had to close, but not for the reasons that social media claims. The I25 construction at Center St. has caused some issues, but not enough to close the Taco John's, which has been in the location for nearly four decades.

Lindsay Stilwell from Lodar Inc., the group behind the Taco John's franchise stores in Casper, says the construction wasn't the reason behind the closure. The store was scheduled to close for good on June 23.

 Our lease was coming up in October and the landowner wants to assume the land for his own business ventures moving forward. They will be assuming the building and the land on July 1.


Our goal was to get to June 23 and close down, however on Saturday June 1, our computer system crashed.  We worked with tech support and changed out everything possible, from our office to the terminals, the the towers. You name it, we tried it. The system is competely fried.

So, the F store ran into a case of bad timing.

It wasn't due to construction, not because of struggling numbers, but because the 40-year lease ended later this year, the franchising contract was up at the end of  June, and the computer system crashed.

Stilwell continued...

We just want the community to know that we had to close our doors. Obviously, the construction has hurt us yes, but it's hurting everybody. If it wasn't for our lease coming up, we'd continue to be open.


As a family business and management team, this is one of our favorite locations and has a ton of history. We are extremely saddened that we had to close the doors at this location.

Even though the North Casper location is closed, that doesn't mean the employees are out of work. All F Street employees can remain with the company at one of the three other stores in the Casper area.

Stilwell stressed that her family and company appreciate the years of loyalty from Casper.

We appreciate Casper, all the customers and their loyalty. We are sorry for any incovienience and we want Casper to know that our other three locations, Plaza, Mills, and 2nd St, will never be closing.

When asked if she saw a future where Taco John's would return to North Casper, Stillwell said...

I don't think it's the end of us on the north side of town. We'll be looking for property to purchase sometime after next spring.

When rumors circulate online, checking directly with those involved is best to get accurate details.

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