Longmire is a hit, both the book and the television series, but like most movies and TV shows based on the Cowboy State, it isn't filmed anywhere remotely close to Wyoming.

A friend (and fellow DJ) friend of mine, Mike "MC Viruz" Condelario, works for the New Mexico film union, IATSE 480. The above photo was taken recently in that area where the show was filmed.

The show was canceled in 2017, after it's sixth season. The first three seasons were aired on A&E, but Netflix picked up the series and aired seasons 4-6.

Does this license plate mean the series is getting renewed? Maybe even a movie to tie up all the loose ends? No one is for sure yet. The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) has a new listing for an unspecified Longmire project, but there is no info on it other than the name.

Also, there is no County 24 for Wyoming license plates (you can check here if you don't believe me). The book and the show take place in the fictional Absaroka County.

Regardless, the plate does look real enough. Let's just hope this means new episodes are coming soon!

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