I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that a majority of Wyomingites consider themselves "middle class". But, are you REALLY middle class? There's a new tool that can help you find out if that's really true.

Pew Research Center is a well-known site that documents numbers, facts and trends. They recently shared a story about how middle-class families are losing ground to those that are better off.

They've just shared this tool where you can compute whether you really are middle class compared to others in Wyoming. Let's see how you do. Note: if you don't see the tool below, you can go directly to their site to see how you stand (or don't). You don't have to enter any identifiable information about yourself, just your income and status. They also don't store any of your info, so this is just for fun.

It's an eye-opening experience to see how you rate compared to your neighbors. According to their study, 56% of Americans consider themselves middle class. How did you fare?

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