Move over jackalope, meet the Wyoming Werewolf. Posted on Reddit, this creation was found at Marsh's Free Museum in Long Beach, Washington. The museum is known for the half-man half-alligator creature on display, but the shop has a plethora of oddities. Since 1935, Marsh's has captivated (and disgusted) those who dare enter.

Now behold the Wyoming Werewolf...


Werewolf? Well, those of us with a little knowledge of wildlife can tell that is some kind of wolf or coyote mouth attached to a dear butt. The sign reads it was captured December 1976 in Afton, Wyoming, but we don't buy it. This is one time I am thankful that Wyoming is known for the jackalope and not this ... butt. If this monstrosity was real, I would never leave my house during a full moon. Yikes!

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