It's no secret that Casper has some unusual drivers, but this one might take the cake. There's video proof that a French bulldog was driving a semi-truck in Casper. Well, sort of.

This video first appeared on LiveLeak and the description says it happened in Casper. You can even see our airport appear at one point in the video.

Here's the funny part. The idea of a dog driving in Casper is totally believable considering some of the insane moves you see some vehicles make in town. The part I had the hardest time believing was that a French bulldog would be in town. I was reminded that there are a ton of French bulldogs that are bred and raised in Cody. You learn something new every day.

The person that captured the video didn't do a very good job of hiding the human hand that was actually steering the truck. That will be good news for any law enforcement folks that stumble upon this video.

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