Wednesday Night, December 14, Turner Broadcasting Systems held their annual "Funniest Commercial Of The Year" awards.

Topping the list was this commercial asking he question..."what would happen if cats had thumbs?" The spot is for Cravendale’s milk, called “Cats with Thumbs,” by advertising agency Weiden+Kennedy. Various felines are shown reading and turning pages in books, working on embroidery projects, and gripping a ball with one paw. The cats then form a West Side Story-like gang, complete with finger-snapping and berets. The gang use their thumbs to grip a doorknob and open the door to a man’s kitchen, then then stand in the doorway, menacingly demanding Cravendale milk.

In second place, this next ad a spot for the Norwegian bank DnB NOR called “Finally Married,” by the Norwegian agency Try/Apt, Olso. The ad features a woman who wakes up in a fancy hotel room, very hung over, discovering she got married the night before. She is puzzled as she examines a wedding dress she evidently wore and Polaroid pictures of a wedding. She is then greeted by actor George Clooney, evidently her new husband. He wants to show his new bride some homes online that he is considering buying for them. The ad tells viewers “some people are lucky in life, but for the rest of us, saving up can be smart.”

In third place, this next ad is for Vigorsol gum, called "Air Action,"which was made by the agency BBH in London. In the commercial for Vigorsol's Italian audience, viewers are shown a couple in a long-distance relationship who miss each other so much the man chews a piece of the gum and blows his breath into a bottle to send to the woman. When she opens it, the bottle — produces a wind so strong that the skin on her face is blown back and her pet parrot loses all of its feathers.

Those are pretty is the list of TBS's remaining top 10...some of them I am quite certain you'll remember. Did your favorite make the list? If not...tell us what is your favorite commercial from 2011?

4. Kia, "Share Some Soul"(David&Goliath, Los Angeles)

5. Land Rover, "Sword Collector"(Young & Rubicam New York)

6. Jack Links, "Sprinklers" (Carmichael Lynch)

7. Snickers, "Party"(BBDO, New York)

8. Doritos, "Pug Attack"(Goodby, Silverstein & Partners)

9. SNY, "Muscles" (Ogilvy & Mather, New York)

10. Volkswagen, "The Force"(Deutsch)