For me the King is sacred. But with Garth Brooks deciding to offer his catalog in the digital sphere. He could whip the King. Garth is finally going digital in 2014, and now that he’s releasing music on a new format, the country legend could be poised to surpass music icon Elvis Presley in sales and maybe even the Beatles. That would be sacrilegious. "Until now, Brooks has boycotted digital sales, but recently he announced his intentions of selling tunes on his newly-redesigned website. USA Today says that if Brooks is able to sell one million copies of his 18-disc collection, he’ll surpass Presley. Although the music isn’t available online yet, it will be very soon, and this feat seems highly likely. Brooks’ box set, ‘Blame It All on My Roots: Five Decades of Influences,’ sold nearly one million copies, and it was only sold at Walmart. Presley’s sales are recorded at 134.5 million sales, and Brooks is coming up close with 134 million."

How will it effect the buyer? "Brooks also has the advantage of being able to price the albums as he chooses."//

The Beatles? Only Garth.