It's been a ten-month process so far. The City of Casper is releasing the draft Comprehensive plan for the future of the city, and they want your input. City officials say they've reviewed trends, looked for growth opportunities, and gotten "tremendous" public input in an effort to understand what residents want to see for the future of Casper.

Named "Generation Casper", it's both a document, and a guide. "It' a policy guide, it lays out the vision and goals that we have for the future for say, then to fifteen years," says Assistant City Planner Aaron Kloke. "It's a guide for future policies, future investments by the city, and for managing future growth."

Here's the city's description of the plan:

"Generation Casper, the year-long process to update the City’s Comprehensive Plan, will outline the community’s vision and goals, recommend strategic initiatives, program and catalyst projects, and a plan to monitor and evaluate progress towards the community’s vision.  The Comprehensive Plan is designed to be used by City leaders interested in guiding future services and programs and allocating future resources; residents curious about future neighborhoods, parks, roads, and community facilities; and business and property owners interested in land use recommendations, development policies, and city investments."

Some of the comments they've received so far, Kloke says, are that people like the "small-town" feel of the city, and that they would like a stronger economy and more economic diversity to weather the ups and downs of the national economy and provide more jobs to retain youth and others who may not be skilled in the energy industry.

Residents also talked about investment in the Old Yellowstone District to strengthen the "urban center", and the value of the river and other natural assets.

The City is starting a public comment period that begins with an open house Thursday, April 13th, and will continue through May 19th. That will be at City Hall from 4:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. You can also download the entire draft plan for review at, and answer the online questionnaire at the website to give feedback on the parts of the plan that are important to you.

Kloke says they'all also be holding a series of "road shows" in April and May to gather input, making presentations and trying to set up in local coffee shops and restaurants so people can drop in and talk.

You'll be able to find updates at 


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