It's considered one of the happiest places on earth and for the Glenrock High School culinary team, it was that and more.

The Herders were part of the Cook Around The World culinary high school competition at Disney World and did one heck of a job.

#CATW23 brought 85 teams from across the country, made up of over 500 students, competing in this years event.  Chef and author Anne Burrell from the Food Network was the mentor to the teams Celebrity Mentor.

Anne Burrell via
Anne Burrell via

The Glenrock team had an incredible finish in session 3 'Europe'

  • Winning 1st place Main Dish
  • 3rd place side dish
  • 3rd place overall
  • and was even awarded the Chef's Choice Award.

The team's entrée was: Spanish grilled shrimp with parmesan sauce and fried potatoes

On the award, she autographed and wrote a note saying

Beautifully presented - elegant and flavorful

When she was presenting the award, Anne said

I have to say, the sauce on this dish, I think, is one of the most delicious that I've tasted this weekend and I have gone out to restaurants.

What an accomplishment and huge opportunity for the kids involved with the team. Anyone that's every put any effort into cooking, knows just how hard, frustrating and fulfilling it is to be recognized for your work.

To be one of the top award winners at a competition at Disney World and be called out by an elite national chef, that's simply priceless.

Congratulation to all the kids, culinary instructor Richard Hopper, staff and families for a HUGE job well done. Good luck in your future culinary adventures.

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