It's no secret that I am full of #HerderPride.

We moved to Glenrock, WY over 10 years ago and have loved being a part of this small Wyoming community. From the annual Deer Creek Days parade to trick or treating up and down Mesa Verde we have loved living outside of this small town.

Now that 4/5 of my children attend school in Glenrock we've learned how truly amazing this community is.

When Doc came across this YouTube video talking about how Glenrock is "one of the most historic towns in the state of Wyoming" I jumped on the chance to share it.

I already knew that Glenrock's name came from the "rock in the glen" but I had no idea that it was once a stop for the pony express, a telegraph station, a railroad depot, and a coal town!

Take a few minutes to watch this video and learn more about Glenrock!

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