As a child growing up in Milwaukee I was never active in sports. I come from a family of bookworms and nerds (I say this with a bit of pride).

Last year our two youngest boys became active in our local USA Wrestling Club #HerderPride and holy cow was my first tournament an eye-opener.

10 hours of wrestling.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE watching my children participate in sports. I am THAT mom who can be found wearing the school colors and screaming her brains out (and yes I've been known to Live Facebook a football game).

But, I was totally unprepared for that first wrestling tournament. Ten hours of watching Wyoming wrestling and keeping track of all five of my kids, it was an experience I wasn't mentally or physically ready for! I thought I would help a few of you newbie sports families with a few must-have and must-dos to make your life as a Wyoming sports family.

  • Pack a HUGE bag full of snacks and fluids. The nachos at the events are only good the first dozen times.
  • Stadium seats are your friend, and well worth the investment. Extra points if you get them in your school colors or with your team mascot ;)
  • Tech, tech, tech and headphones. I'm usually the mean mom who only allows my kids 45 minutes to an hour of screen time a day (if that). This rule goes out the window during sporting events and it totally pays off to bring more than one device if you have multiple children.
  • Bring plenty of portable chargers and chords to keep that tech working.
  • Prepare a toy backpack. Note: Be careful with what toys you pack. Anything that makes tons of nose is probably not a good idea, and unless your kids are old enough to head outside and toss a ball around on the field, don't bring any!
  • If this is an outdoor event, pack sunscreen, bug spray, hats, gloves and warm matter what time of year it is. #wyomingweather
Cathy Holman: Townsquare Media

I'd love your tips and tricks for surviving Wyoming's ten-hour long sporting events, so share them with me....we still have 3 months until the State Wrestling Tournament in April!